If you take a look at the instance image.

If you take a look at the instance image.

As well as its histogram you can see the histogram doesn’t expand all the way to the left. This informs us that there are no black pixels in this image. The darkest pixel is shown by the point on the left where the histogram starts, which is 7% (you will learn just how to locate these details later). The opposite of the histogram also does not extend to the far left informing us there are no white pixels in the image.

Since this image does not have any black or white pixels, only light as well as dark grey, we understand that it may be doing not have contrast. Later on in this publication, we will certainly look at ways to deal with these problems utilizing tools like Levels and also Curves.
Now, take a look at the highest possible part of the pie chart. This is the left of the facility which tells us that a great deal of these images is in darkness. The next hump then takes place around the mid-tones. Let’s compare it with another image and pie chart.

In this instance, the pie chart extends all the way to the left and right.

This is telling us that the image has pixels with the lightest as well as darkest worths feasible. Furthermore, the mass of the histogram is in the left half, so we know that the majority of pixels are darker than a mid-tone grey. In other words, a great deal of these images remains in darkness.

This is a good point to stop and also deal with a misconception that’s usually repeated in digital photography circles about the form of a well-exposed histogram. It’s often suggested that to be well exposed the histogram needs to be bell-shaped, prolonging from one side of the pie chart to the other, as well as have the most pixels in the center. Please overlook this.

The above image was captured at dawn when the sunlight simply got rid of the perspective and began to capture the foreground rocks. The majority of the scene remains in shadow as well as this is what the histogram mirrors. If we were to use the “best” pie chart for this image it would certainly be as well light as well as would look incorrect. It definitely would not look like a dawn scene.

Please keep in mind, the histogram is a device to assist you to comprehend the image tones as well as colors. It’s not a regulation or established requirement that you should comply with as well as attempting to do so can hurt your photography. Your top priority is to make the image look great (and natural). It does not really matter what type of pie chart this produces offering the image looks excellent.